Welcome to the South Portland School Department Transportaiton site

2015-2016 Bus Routes

Phone: 207-767-7714
Fax: 207-767-7715
Garage Phone: 207-767-4284

Director Lisa Gadway gadwayli@spsd.org

Dispatcher Gloria Nelson nelsongl@spsd.org

a complete list of employees (as of Septmber 2015) is listed below

Akerly Lee Spare Bus Driver
Battle Kevin Spare Bus Driver
Cheney Brenda Bus Driver
Cheney David Bus Driver
Coombs Larry Bus Driver
Cotton Peter Bus Driver
Creamer Jamie Bus Driver
Cribby Bruce Bus Driver
Ellis Dan Technician
Fogg Beth Spare Bus Aide
Fox Natalie Spare Bus Aide
Gadway Lisa Director of Transportation
Gailey John Spare Bus Driver
Gervais Linda Bus Aide
Gurney Jack Bus Driver
Hernandez, Jr. Peter Lead Technician
Johnson Darla Spare Bus Driver
Kane Bridgette Spare Bus Aide
Lessard Jennifer Bus Aide
Longanecker Sam Spare Bus Driver
Montillo Gicela Spare Bus Driver
Napoleone Miranda Bus Driver
Nelsen Gloria Clerk
O'Brien Jack Bus Driver
Perreault Lou Bus Driver
Petrillo Ed Bus Driver
Sargent Cheryl Bus Aide
Scribner Joe Spare Bus Aide
Spear Michelle Spare Bus Aide / Spare Bus Driver
Spear Cliff Spare Bus Driver
Terrano Phil Bus Driver
Thomas Neil Bus Driver
Thomas Sandra Spare Bus Aide
Thompson Vinal Bus Aide
Trejo Eda Spare Bus Aide
Troiano Jim Bus Driver